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Fabulous Frosty Frolicking

It’s SNOWING! Do you have any idea how rare that is when you live on an island? Oh I miss my snow.


It’s also running late, I have to make supper in a few minutes, and still haven’t really started that 1,500 word essay that must be completed tonight as I’ve been a slacker.


So what do I do with my time? Why run out into the snow and then irresponsibly blog about it!


My children are going to use this journal against me one of these days.


If this kitty can brave the weather then so can I!


Anyhew El Presidente was snowed in at home today – Whoo hoo! And although he still had to work he was entitled to a lunch break. So with the camera in tow I dragged his sorry bottom out of the palatial doors before he even had a chance to get his socks on.


I am a good wife sometimes…. I swear!


I had started taking random pictures of trees and what not when I something hard hit me on shoulder.

I turned slowly towards the projectile and saw El Presidente loading his weapon.


“Don’t you dare” I bellowed in my most menacing voice.



“OY!” I continued “This means war!”


Unfortunately El Presidente’s aim is just that little bit better than mine and this was the last thing I saw….



…well until I regained consciousness that is.


A bit worried that our neighbours would call the crazy van to carry us away we reconvened towards the back yard. As beautiful as the snow was it was missing something and hearing the threatening echos of General Tso’s Invading Army we decided that Micropia needed a guard. One that would insight fear into the hearts of the poulty demons and one that was sturdy and strong enough to withstand the rigours of the weather.


El Presidente and I created “Alfie”


Who is our pom-pom carrying, alien-eyed, horned protector.


I now feel in such safe hands....er....uh....twigs.



Don’t you just love snow days?


Toodles Sweets – Ariane


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