March 6th, 2014

Cowgirl Head

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

I thought I was nearly done with school. I only have one little year left of my degree course and since it was an mostly at-home course my initial plans were to complete the degree here and then fly back to England for exams….stupid university changed all of that. The summer I was married the UK government decided to allow universities to charge a wallop more per course than they have ever done previously. This took my course from £600 to £2500…and I needed two courses plus flights and books! ARGH! Well that was tremendous shock. It still annoys me that my degree is unfinished especially since nearly everyone here has gained a master’s degree by the age of 25. I feel so intimidated and so far behind.

2014-02-19 12.17.06

So thus began a new plan:

Finland’s universities are usually free! Yay! *record scratch* What!? What do you mean no one has my degree taught in English? A bazillion courses over here are taught in English….oh no wait here’s one….only one…in Tampere...a two hour drive north. There’s also no guarantee you will get in. Plus commuting is going to be a nightmare. This option doesn’t feel right. Dangit.

I do love that Finland has a great reputation for high-quality education….and it deserves it. What I hate is that they apparently value the sciences over the arts. This sucks. I appreciate the sciences. I understand that they are important. I also appreciate that I have absolutely no aptitude for them and therefore would be useless in study of them. If I wanted to be an engineer, chemist or business magnate here there would have been a plethora of university courses here all taught in English. Darn stupid plans blowing up in my face yet again. So now what?

2014-02-28 12.09.31

Guess I finally have to learn this monster of a language. Dun dunnn duuunnnnnnn!

2014-03-06 10.16.02

(I'm one of the "lucky" few who answers those two questions differently)

I am most anxious to get a grasp of this language but have always been blasted frightened of tucking into it. My father is a genius who can speak most of the Nordic languages and has never met a foreigner that he couldn’t say something to in their native tongue. He absolutely loves languages. He learns them quickly and is able to pick them up easily. So what does he do when he approaches Finnish: HE GIVES UP! *slacked jaw* add that to one friend Amelia who mentioned that learning a new language as an adult (what idiot would put themselves through that?) is tough enough but simply for the fact that this language is Finnish you can add a +18 strength (clever girl).  I am sure you can understand my apprehension at approaching this one full time.

It was nearly impossible to learn any of this properly by myself and I knew that I learned best in a classroom setting so I started to look for classes and none of them sat right with me. One of the best friends I have here (and one who gives me great opportunity to hear a familiar English accent often) mentioned that the government has a programme where they pay you to attend a full-time Finnish course. SWWWWHHHHAAAAT? Where I come from (both America and England) education is never ever free. In fact it’s usually blasted expensive and not only here is there somewhere where it’s free but also provides you with a basic financial allowance as they count this as your job!

2014-03-06 11.37.22

Sounds too good to be true yes? Well….yes….and….uh….no.Collapse )