Ariane (or Jessica to a few of you) (britishcowgirl) wrote,
Ariane (or Jessica to a few of you)

Spontaneous Serendipity with a dash of “What the….?”

The alarm buzzed rather loudly this morning only six hours after I managed to succumb to the lulls of sleep. Ville had to go into Helsinki and I was determined the night previous to sleep in…but an occurrence that I have not seen for many a day had happened: the sun was out and temperatures had finally crossed over to the plus side of the scale! I could not resist the pull to get my backside out of that bed and go exploring once again.

Culture shock happens more frequently that I am comfortable admitting, especially because I have repeated moments of déjà vu akin to when I first moved to England. I have moments like this I witnessed a few nights ago where I peer over the landscape and admire it’s beauty a full 2.3 seconds before the record scratch echoes in my ears and my brain shouts “Wait! What?”;


See that little black figure in the bottom-right of the photo? That ladies and jellyspoons is a dude….walking, nay working on the ice! I wish I had more time to take better photos because he was certainly not the only one. I should have also taken a photo of Ville’s face. Imagine a façade of complete nonchalance.


I’ve been to Helsinki a few times before, mostly touring the obvious places but this time I wanted to explore roads and waterways that I didn’t know existed. We found a bridge with this cuteness:


Most of the locks had engraved inscriptions. Me thinks we need to revist this and leave a little bit of ourselves next time.


I also managed to meet up with a long lost old friend: Bertie! Here we are posing in Senate Square.


Isn’t he beautiful? Oh how I have miss thee. Thanks for bringing him back into my life Hankiala family!

Now it can never be said that the Finns are a wussy bunch. They even have a word specific to their language to describe what takes a gazillion in English to signify their hardiness: Sisu. Imagine fortitude, strength, guts, umph and a triumphant punch to the air and I think that translates to about a quarter of it’s true meaning. I have heard of it before and I have heard of the legendary use that the natives have of it but never before have I seen it in person until today:


That above is a woman in a SWIMMING COSTUME!


Walking…slowly…towards the water…to engage in this madness!!!


Oh Finland, will you never fail to make my eyebrows reach epic sceptical altitude?

We spent the rest of the morning wandering around & grabbing lunch before it was off to the super-crowded (only) railway station at noon:


Victoria, Euston & Marleybone: eat your heart out.

Toodles Sweets - Ariane
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