Ariane (or Jessica to a few of you) (britishcowgirl) wrote,
Ariane (or Jessica to a few of you)

Reminder of Finnish Awesomeness

Of course I’m going to come back to Finny after this weeks little jaunt back to the land of the Angles; our entire lives are here including this fuzzbutt whom I love more than is probably healthy:


The following is a list of emergency motivation in case I find Engurland a little too charming.

Where else do you get to suntan on a park bench in full winter garb?


Or see someone strolling down the street like this


Or get to spend the weekend at a summer cottage in the middle of winter?


Or get a family picture taken whilst standing on a lake?


Or playing fetch with your puppeh on said lake?


Where else do you get to see a cute little building’s insides look like this?


Or are shown these faces when your family sleds down a particularly icy hill…


…and get to see your dog run for her life when a sled speeds towards her. Why she never ran to the side instead of going full pelt forward I will never know.


Now remember the madness I talked about when I saw the woman swimming in the ice last post? Well…I may be a bit of a hypocrite with these next few pictures. You see after visiting the awesomeness of the little cottage of Ville’s Auntie and Uncle we got a chance to sit in an old-fashioned wood-burning sauna and IT WAS HOT! 80°C (176°F) so going outside and posing in our bathing suits in -7°C (19.4°F)…


….doesn’t seem all that maddning after all. The fuzziness of the photos is due to the steam coming off of our skin!


Especially as directly afterwards it looked like this:


I was SPARTICUS! Not quite lake swimming but I’m new to the Nordics: baby steps...itty bitty baby steps.

Today we abscond back to England to finally have our reception/party a la 1940s theme. I’ve revamped my dress and Ville has a complete military costume of dubious country origin. Photos of that up next!

Toodles Sweets – Ariane

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