Ariane (or Jessica to a few of you) (britishcowgirl) wrote,
Ariane (or Jessica to a few of you)

Fantabulous Free Fabric For a Flirtatious Frock

…see what I did there ;)

During our most recent trip to Hurdy-Gurdy land, which I had assumed I had actually blogged but completely blanked (I’ll atone I promise) my beloved Shannon decided to have a clear-out of her fabric stash whilst I sat on her bed awash with splendour whenever she would ask if I wanted some.
One of those piles happened to be a lot of pieces of the most gorgeous teal-coloured satin. Freakin high-quality 20-euro a metre stuff and I got it….for FREE!


Her timing could not have been more perfect for just a few weeks earlier Ville’s (and my new) cousin had asked if I would help her make a formal dress for a prom-esque event at EFY this summer. My worry was the price of fabric here in Finland. For example what I know I can buy in America for around $7 a metre costs here around $30 a metre.

So with the purchase on our end of only a zipper and matching thread we started our pattern-puzzle. We managed to get most of the pattern sections cut out in one go but there two large panels that we had to piece together. My intention was to do it unusually so that it looked intentional. I figured a diagonal line would be better than a straight one.


All cut out and I started sewing while Jenny masterfully made amazingly beautimous matching flowers.


Onyx helped too….by falling asleep among the madness and not insisting for attention.


All was not perfect in the land though. For one: I should have realised that the pattern she picked out was for a flowy fabric and we cut it out of stiff fabric. Now I know and also nowhere on the pattern does is say that it is only intended for one specific body type which coincidentally happened to be the exact opposite of what Jenny was so yeah….that created a bit of pattern re-mongering and lots of adjustments.

At one point the bodice wasn’t coming together and so I had Jenny put it on as I was racking my brain thinking of how I was going to fix this. After a minute or so I noticed that she was getting really uncomfortable and it took me a few moments to realise that I had spent the whole time staring at her boobs!  *inner chuckle* oops….poor girl.

Another harrowing moment: during my exhaustion and one-tracked mindedness I hadn’t noticed that the iron was on too hot and I managed to burn a HUGE dent into just below the bodice completely ruining the dress. I just about cried. Thankfully Jenny optimistically piped up with “Well there I can prove to my friends wasn’t store bought and we have the flowers”.  So with a bit of floral camouflage and one and a half days of constant sewing we ended up achieving this:


Hopefully you can’t tell that it's been pieced together.


I hear that the Madame doth like the garment indeed.


And all for the cost of a smidge of over 5 euros.



Toodles Sweets - Ariane
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