Ariane (or Jessica to a few of you) (britishcowgirl) wrote,
Ariane (or Jessica to a few of you)

Message to the Public from the King and Queen of Finlandia

One year ago today this American gained independence from Britain…oh the irony.

There wasn’t a huge celebration as Lord Finlandia and I had the opportunity today to help with the Helsinki Stake Young Womens camp. The whole intent of the activity was to teach the girls that they are princesses and therefore a King and Queen were needed…..cue moi and him.


All went well. Onyx was the hit of the day and would have gladly enjoyed attention like this for the rest of the camp (till this Saturday).


Before we went we were asked to prepare some stuff, one thing was a story of “our kingdom”. Well….it ended up not getting used so therefore I’m going to shove it on here:

Once upon a time a Prince who hailed from the frozen north lands, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Tampere was in want of a wife. He had spent many years diligently serving his country in the military and even furthering the message of god in a wet and dreary overcrowded land where he had spent two long years as a missionary. It was during those two rainy years that he met many people although the memory of one woman would haunt him for a long time afterwards.

One night which accessing the mystical all-seeing glowing box presented to him by his court wizard he latched into the digital realm of the facebook. There he saw a change of status to “single” from the woman who had been in the back of his thoughts for five long winters.

Seizing his chance at eternal happiness he jumped without a moment’s notice and reacquainted himself with this woman.

The woman: a bold and clumsy specimen had ended a relationship in not too pleasant of terms within the wet and dreary land of England and was expecting to spend many more winters alone and freezing in a small and tiny abode when, one night a message from her glowing box reacquainted her with a friend, a dashing blonde Norseman who she had last seen five years earlier.

Seizing courage from some unknown force the two chatted long into the night, and the night after, and the night thereafter… flirting happened, the magic all-seeing programme skype happened and it was not long thereafter that the procurement of tickets upon the flying dragon express were purchased to see each other again in person.

The flying dragon assisted in many visits and after a particularly long one the Nordic Prince proposed to his woman from the wetlands. Knowing very little of the Nordic lands customs and even less of its intimidating and excruciatingly hard-to-learn language the woman did not hesitate to become his princess.

Thus it was with great fanfare in a castle, the temple of the Lord, that these two were wed with many international dignitaries and local noblemen in attendance and great rejoicing was proclaimed throughout the land. They and their minister of inter-species relations and utter cuteness have set their palace in the greater Helsinki region.


All of this had come about not due to fate, or circumstances conveniently in their favour, rather because both of them had to courage to declare to one another early on that they were interested. May you all find your Prince or Princess one day and may you have the courage to overcome the great scourge that is known as nervousness. Be bold, be strong but mostly… wise for without the common love of the Lord and a gospel that leads and guides them this marriage would never have been and this author shutters at the thought…


Toodles Sweets – Ariane

PS – Happy 4th of July my Americanos out there!
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