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Ariane (or Jessica to a few of you)

Swedish Filler and Birthday Wishes

Once again I have to fight the ennui and come up with something interesting to blog about. Not much has happened recently….well other than Ville being called as first counsellor in the bishopric


…..oh c’mon we know it wasn’t a surprise! My hubster is a great man and I had an inkling something like this was coming. Now I have the unenviable task of actually having to act like a wife of someone in the bishopric…eeeeekkkkkk.

It won’t be until next month that I get to shove some more positive and some photo goodness on here for I get to be spoiled by getting visits from not one but two uber great friends.

You remember my Sheila right? Of course you do. One of the best blessings in my life. I have a feeling that she is somehow involved in over a quarter of the posts on here. Well come soon she’ll be gracing our teensy household with her presence. So so so so so so excited! No hyperbole….honestly.

Then a few weeks after that I get to spend a week with the craftster extraordinaire Shannon.


Today is my friend since middle-school's birthday so she’s been a bit fore in my thoughts at the moment and  thinking that it has been so long since I last saw her and realising that I actually never got around to blogging about our last trip I shall make amends and finally (only five months late) blog our invasion of Sweden

We were greeted at the airport and quickly absconded down towards Stockholm’s hobbit-esque rail network.

2013-04-12 13.00.14

(sorry babe stole your photo: it was too hilarious not to use)


The whole week was awesome and we spent it touring castles & churches:




Which happen to be less than a ten-minute walk from her home….lucky lady

She indulged me in my obsession with 2nd hand shops and getting things for cheaps and in a bittersweet moment I found these wonderous chairs for an honestly decent price:


…shame there was no possibility of getting them home.

We also happened to find THE most hilarious sweater at the same shop:


She even arranged an indulgent game night with a bevy of international friends:


The dude who generously opened his home has a game obsession that can mirror Sheldon Cooper.


Let me see if I can remember the countries represented that night there were: America, (I graciously stepped in for England), Greece, Russia, Sweden, Finland and Poland.


The menu was a hodgepodge of every random genre smushed together on a plate….with some surprising results: Swedish blood cake (serious here) is actually really nice.


We ended our trip with an attempt to see some museums on a Monday….which was a washout not only due to the stupid weather but also due to the fact that most museums are closed on Mondays. One decided to open….and charge full price to see a tenth of the normal exhibits!




All seemed lost when Mrs. America Awesome Pants stepped up and in a polite yet firm way successfully negotiated our money back in full. It was one of those pridefull moments where you get to point and whisper "I'm with her..."

Like most of these little holidays we get to venture to this one ended wayyyyyyyyy too soon. Tremendously too soon, which makes next month all the better.


Happy Birthday, hyvää syntymäpäivää, & grattis på födelsedagen Shannon! I shall now be counting down the days till I get my international bevies here.

Toodles Sweets – Ariane
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