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Phew, Ewww and Ooohhhh

Urgh…writers block. I have it. Indeed have had it for nearly half a year! Sheesh I need to get myself back into documenting my life, especially after a talk at church reminded us of the importance of keeping  a journal. The speaker even shared moments from his grandparents' first date thus cementing his point firmly in my mind so with that I shall try not to bore you and try to keep myself up to date. Hyvin tehty Sakke.

The past few months have been a complete blur. Funds were tight this Christmas and since I finally found a source of cheap fabric (recycling centre to the rescue) I was determined to make everyone’s gifts…all….uh….how many? I have honestly lost count. I believe it was over 20 people and some I made at least 2 gifts for.  Once I start a sewing project a sense of madness comes over me and I end up making thing after thing after thing…..ad infinitum… honestly I need to get a hold of myself when this happens. I’ve missed blogging on here the week I had when Shannon visited, we blerched, got our craft on and we ran off once again to Estonia:






I missed blogging about Thanksgiving where the hubster and I hoasted  supper for 22, I had my first proper full-bodied turkey in years and I made the missionaries my dishwashing slaves:





I missed blogging about the radical hair change


...and that I got Shannon to do it on her mini-visit, hence why it looked more professionally done then than now.


I would like to say that I missed blogging about Christmas but in truth Christmas passed in a haze and despite trying everything to bring in the Christmas spirit I utterly failed to feel it. I put the tree up nice and early so I would feel that I had enough time to enjoy it but a misunderstanding about singing and a terrifying illogical panic attack thinking I had inexplicably lost a lot of friends resulted in no carol singing and sadness. I did not realise the impact singing had on the Christmas season for me – thankfully my fears were proved wrong but sadly way to late to fix any of that. Ville became poorly the few weeks before Christmas (bless him he actually took me around the Joulu Tori aka Christmas Market looking as energetic as this:)


and then starting Christmas Eve I got the present of a raging case of sinusitis that lasted three long weeks, two of which had me feeling beyond terrible. I’m grateful for the wonderful literal gifts I was given and it was fun to see everyone but due to being so poorly I didn’t do any neice or nephew cuddles. So Christmas was well…didn’t feel like Christmas except for one brief moment when we went here:

The Best Finnish Christmas Tradition:

Santa visits us here on Christmas Eve sometime in the early evening. He personally brings a bag of gifts and visits with the children (muahahahaha I won’t have to deal with 5am Christmas morning wakeups! Boo-ya!) afterwards we all sit down to a fancy pants supper and in the late evening we remember those who aren’t with us.



Driving in the pitch black late on the night of the 24th between bouts of disgusting coughs and embarrassment covering tissue reaches I could see small orange flickering lights upon the horizon. Ville pulled the car over into the cemetery and we walked towards his grandmother’s grave to pay our respects.




Almost all of the graves had at least one candle buring. It is so beautiful…even with this year’s bizarrely confusing and complete lack of snow.


(despite appearences they aren't holding hands....you have my permission to giggle now)

…however snow (as in 2012’s) does make it much purdier:



Maybe it’s due to the fact that I am getting older or maybe it’s due to the fertility hormones surging through me that I have lately learned to embrace the American side of me and become sappy at things such as these.

I love how respectful and wonderful it is in this culture that they end their major Christmas celebrations not on playing with toys or sleeping off a hangover but in remembering those who are not with us. Thankfully with my faith death isn’t final to me.

In all fairness as sucky as that terrible horrible ridiculously disgusting bout of sickness made the end of the year quite crap I do have to tell you that we did have some good news. I managed to get a fertility appointment before Christmas: the one I needed to lose weight for and believe you me I did NOT want to have to diet before the holiday. The appointment was on the 23rd and I managed to make the bmi-threshold! Well….by the exact limit but a pass is a pass and I was given some clomiphene (aka clomid). Thankfully Finland is quite proactive on this stuff. We will actually get to see if it does the trick and makes my body work right with a monitoring appointment which is to be on Wednesday the 22nd. So once again my friends I am compelled to come to you on bended knee and ask that if you could spare a mention of us in your prayers, universe good vibe sending and/or magic spells that would be tremendously appreciated because whatever you did the last time worked so please keep it up!

I shall endeavour to keep this updated more often. Lots of love my peeps - Ariane


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Jan. 14th, 2014 02:40 am (UTC)
Those candles are so beautiful!

I will keep you in my prayers--hope that it helps! Good luck!
Jan. 14th, 2014 12:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks much and I am sure it helps!
Shannon Henszel
Jan. 21st, 2014 11:30 am (UTC)
lovely shots. Your friend Shannon is sure a poop for not commenting on this sooner... hehe that's me! i'm a poop!

Can't wait to hear some good news from you soon. Prayers your way!
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