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Incoherent Ravings of an Anglo-Americano

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Ariane (or Jessica to a few of you)
27 June
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I was born on a blustery day in the year of our Lord 1984. Actually I don't know what the weather was like but I'm sure my mother would remember...well maybe not she was a bit busy at the time.

Anyhew I'l originally from SLC, Utah and about five years ago I met this Brit at Institute. The accent, finesse and dashing good looks of the gentleman (Mike stop rolling your eyes!) swept me off my feet and now I live in England. I get the oppurtunity to use an umbrella more than I have ever known imaginable.

I now live in Limbo. My accent is so muddled with both countries slang that to the American's I'm British and to the Brits I'm "The American". I feel an identity crisis coming on.

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